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Overview Manfalout Trading & Contracting Co, was founded in 2004 with the aim of supporting urban growth in Qatar and providing projects for public and private sector, in addition to local clients with the best services in the field of contracting Manfalout Trading & Contracting Co, takes gradual steps to solidify its position amongst major construction corporate in Qatar. It was due to support of the Almighty Allah's and efforts exerted by corporate directors with effective and positive collaboration with administrative and technical staff for the interest of the company. The Company continues to keep pace with urban growth and development of resources, competencies, and experiences required for renaissance and development of our beloved Qatar.

Samir Gouda

About us

Contracting Sector

Project sector is the cornerstone of Manfalout Trading & Contracting Co, the largest sector in the company, including Manfalout Trading & Contracting Co., classified at the first class in the field of buildings and constructional works. The Company had leading position in implementing public and private projects, and rapidly grown in this field. The Company currently executes projects of approximately (QR 75,000,000) The Company possesses state of the art machinery and equipment used in the field of construction, and employs very large number of competent and experienced engineers. The Company's total Staff is about 3000 persons working at different projects throughout Qatar. The projects sector is expected to achieve standard growth rates during the coming years, and expansion in this field is a target that the Company pursues under the current growth in Qatar.

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What is distinguished

  • Wide variety of repair and maintenance services
  • Full cleanup after repairing
  • Right and correctly done job from the first time
  • Easy scheduling and on-time arrival

OUR Services

  • General Contracting
  • Project Construction Management
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  • Design and Build
  • Logistics
  • Concept and Master Planning
  • Operation and Maintenance (O & M)
  • Real Estate Development
Manfalout | منفلوط
Manfalout | منفلوط

Our Mission

1- Providing our customers with the best quality products striving to provide all areas of work with perfection believing in Prophet (P.B.U.H) Tradition "Allah will be pleased with those who try to do their work in a perfect way." 2- Constant strive to serve Qatar for the interest of community and Qatari national economy by exploiting all potentials and material and human resources for this purpose 3- Contributing in support and development of building and construction industry in Qatar 4- Coop

Manfalout | منفلوط
Manfalout | منفلوط

Our Goal

1- Perceive customer requirements and appropriate preparation of works 2- Apply policy of quality assurance to avert troubles 3- Schedule works and confirming that customer shall be placed first 4- Appoint skilful and trained labour 5- Develop communication network and provide fleet of vehicles to coordinate and accomplish works smoothly 6- Provide tremendous quantities of original spare parts and instruments 7- Approve quality assurance team 8- Pay frequent visits for review

Manfalout | منفلوط
Manfalout | منفلوط


Place Manfalout Trading & Contracting Co. In a leading position in terms of leadership and excellence in the field of building, construction and execution of various projects for public and private sectors in Qatar. Effective contribution in overall development of our ultimate goal to serve our dear Qatar. Establish a professional staff with most advanced tools to satisfy customers and complete projects on due time with necessary professionalism and effectiveness, as quality is the first priori

Our Projects

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